13 Place Tour Pulled in Balikpapan

13 Place Tour Pulled in Balikpapan

13 Place Tour Pulled in Balikpapan

Visit the city of Balikpapan with a number of place tourist interesting in it is the experience of fun is not forgotten. This region became one of the city’s important on the island of Borneo that has access to flight well-on the island. This area used to be the location of the transit flight to a city on the island of the same or to another city in Sulawesi, such as Manado, Palu and Makassar. With the means of transport as good as this, the extent of tourism in this town thrived because of the many visitors who come to Balikpapan. What the exciting recommended for your vacation? Please find the answer below.

As for place tour famous and be advised if you visit the area Balikpapan which:

The Caribbean Island Waterpark. The following waterboom very interesting and being in a location of the housing. The address of the object it is in-body cast. Cabbage. Syarifuddin Yoes II (Ring Road II) Balikpapan. Place tour quite magnificent it has dozens of the rides are similar to water adventure new kuta green park in bali. Ticket in also quite cheap which ranges 45 thousand up to 60 thousand per person, with prices highest if you come in the weekend or holiday.The Caribbean Island Waterpark

Park Monpera. The monument of struggle of the people this is the place to tour historic that you can say unique. Because it’s off the coast of Balikpapan’s not in the middle of the city proper monuments on the territory of another. Though unique, but it also can be called reasonable, considering the center of the town it was in along the gulf Makassar. The location of this monument there are some home to eat famous present the menu choice especially sea food. Equipped area parking lot is spacious and at some point often held activities interesting. Very suitable as a means of recreation family to enjoy the beauty of the beach.the monument of struggle of the people

The Beach Kemala. The location of the place tour sandy white is still in and around the park Monpera. Activity used to be done on the beach Kemala is to play banana boat and flying fox. It is in the Way of General Sudirman Balikpapan South, this beach is one of beach’s favorite who was in town. The beach Kemala was finally presided over by the Chairman of the Foundation Bhayangkari That Kaltim, namely field entomologist Indarto on 26 August 2007.the beach kemala

Forest Bakau Margomulyo. Serves as the forest city to have the bridge wood as a means to be able to enjoy the beauty of the forest area, with a length of around 800 meters. In place of tours that address in the street AMD Mountain Four, Margomulyo, Balikpapan West have the watchtower to see the aneka birds that live and being in the woods bakau. The forest is also a home for wildlife ”bekantan” and bekantan this can be seen when the morning or the afternoon towards sunset.Forest Bakau Margomulyo

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