17 Place Tourist Draw in the City of Semarang

17 Place Tourist Draw in the City of Semarang

17 Place Tourist Draw in the City of Semarang
A visit to Semarang, and enjoy the beauty of the city as well as a place tour that is in it is part of the holiday fun that you can
plan. Capital of the Javanese Middle of this store many objects interesting to you visit. The city is quite old and historic is even
known as one of the region’s business in Indonesia, but keep making the sector tourism as a so-called secret income with the
territory. Berwisata to Semarang for some tourists a vacation full of memories especially the tourist, a stranger from the
continent of Europe.
tour semarang

Church Blenduk Tour Spiritual Semarang

As for 17th place tourist draw in the city of Semarang which are:

Waterblaster. The rides game waterpark, the first in the city of Semarang. Place tour this family has a 25 the rides play water
interesting and beloved children. Located on the road to a Hill Temple Golf 1, with the access is pretty easy because close to the
highway. Ticket entry as big as Rp. 50.000 (weekdays) and Rp. 60.ooo (weekend or holiday). Things you need to remember is
every Monday, Waterblaster shut down for maintenance.
Obelisk Young. The monument which is also the icon city historic this to be the center point of the capital Java the Middle. Place
tour strategic layout is right in the home service of the governor of Java Center. For young often visited by the band school boy
who was studying the history of the city of Semarang.
The Church Blenduk. The location in the city of old (the old town) kept a lot of the building-the building is historic. Church
blenduk other than as a place of worship, day-to-day often visited by tourist especially by tourists mancanegara. Arsitekturnya
unique with dome red on the roof made the church Blenduk often become the object photography and tour spiritual.
Lawang Sewu. The location is very close to the Obelisk Young and dealing. First place tour is often made location shooting a
horror movie (sinema TV) but now-slash-office buildings PT Train area Semarang Jateng. If you visit in the daytime, the
impression is scary not so much because of frenzy frenzy locations around the quite crowded. But if you visit at night, it’s like a
magic is still felt here.
Jungle Toon. Place tour is in the hills Wahid Regency, Semarang this very reasonable as the location for a vacation with family
and kids. Object new are packed with lots of statues of these animals quite unique and remind us with the Village Elephant is a
place tour Bandung the much decorated with sculpture animals Elephant. Ticket entry is also quite cheap because it’s only as
big as Rp. There were 20,000 when a normal day and Rp. Of 30,000 at the end of the weekend and holiday national. Here are
also available like and the gym is pretty complete equipment.
Klenteng Sam Po Kong. Klenteng it’s quite a favourite for tourists who come from China. Supposedly, the location of the founding

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