4 Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eat

4 Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eat
4 Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eat
A phenomenon that often occurs in children, namely, hard-packed. If the child has difficulty eating, the eating of any kind would not, awry, just want to eat one type of food only or don’t even want to eat at all. Various means of overcoming any difficulty eating children have done, but why not managed well.

If the conditions are the case, then it needs to be an evaluation of the way lest the mother apply less precise so that needs improvement. Here we present some tips overcoming child hard-packed.
14 Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eat

When the hard-packed like in battlefield

Most parents, in delivering a meal to a child like like I’m in a battle on the battlefield “FIERCE”, it is sometimes quite difficult to invite the children to eat. Then we as parents have to remain patient and consistent in invite and provide eating children. DON’T MAKE THE CHILD TRAUMA TO EAT …

Don’t be sepelekan if the child has difficulty eating

When their weight went down dramatically and did not develop because of hard-packed then they should get the necessary nutrients. as a parent, so that the child can eat well nutrition and age appropriate then the parents must be determined with the strong, so that they will not starve. Have the rules of eating together

Make an agreement with your spouse about rules of feeding, so that the child does not receive the message confused about eating habits together.

Make a healthy foods and timely

Tips on coping with difficult children packed article selanjutya that is giving them a healthy snack and drink, at the appointed time. use your kids eat on a regular basis with full attention, so he is inseparable from you. If you say dinner at 20:00 hours, then fulfill the 20:00, not by 21:00.


Make the food varies, so they get a balanced nutrition. And if you gave meals and they do not like it then do not let it make you angry. Try again at other times hard-packed.

Involve them

Make pizza together with your child. To increase the intake of nutrients from vegetables and fruits then engage their lah in choosing toppings of vegetables available. After the food is created along with the children already so, then the child will usually be eagerly sample the results of her hard work.

No Television while eating!

Always create atmosphere of calm and comfortable when eating, eat on the table without television and radio and away from passing by people passing by

Provide boundaries for the portion eating child

Provide food on a child do not proportionally too much and do too little. The amount typically consumed by a child that is the portions.

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