About Double Stem Cell Carallia Pearl Collagen

How to work a Double against stem cell product Carallia Pearl Collagen by Bio Green

Carallia Pearl Collagen has a double stem cell in it called with Apple Stem Cell & Argan Tree Stemm Cell. How to work from Carallia pearl collagen with double stem cell in the human body … Below designate explained in full:

The Argan Tree

the tree of this type i.e., one of the oldest trees in the world who just live in Morocco. These trees can survive in weather conditions very, very extreme. Therefore, it is interesting to scientists researching stem cells develop & is in it.

from harga biogreen gold the picture above, we were able to witness the difference from the workings of the apple stem cell & argan stemcell. Apple stemcell fix & regenerate our skin in layers of the epidermis (the outer layer) … so that the stem cell from argan trees improve our skin regenerate & from layers of the dermis (middle layer).

About Double Stem Cell Carallia Pearl Collagen

With 2 rare stem cell in one product creating a result to be out BIASAini lah workings of Double stem cell products Carallia pearl collagen with double stem cell.

from the picture above, collagen elastin & there is to layer the dermis (middle layer). in our agency & function producing elastin collagen & stem cell is contained to the base of the hair.

at the base of our hair there is cell fibroblasts, the cells & is responsible for producing elastin & collagen.

When the aging time is running, the base of the hair stem cells no longer produce collagen cells, fibroblasts & fibroblat so is shrinking.

Stem cell from the argan tree will help in increasing the production of fibroblasts cells. .. We can see the illustrations in the image above.

efect of the argan tree, stem cell skin will be more springy & elastic.
(DISCLAIMER: the results obtained for each person be different possibilities).

Package price Silver Dollars-1,560,000.0 for 1 box with 30 sachets for 1 month of use.

The purchase of the two will get discount cashback USD 30,

Third purchase will get discount cashback USD30 + USD 22.5 = USD 52.5.

Exchange rate USD 1 = Idr 10000.0

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