Reviews the experience stay at Hotel Alila Jakarta

Alhamdulillah, finally back can stay at one of the 5-star hotel in Jakarta. This means writing materials have a review again. This time the privileged hotel I frequent is a hotel which I think thick with contemporary and minimalist overtones, i.e. hotel Alila Jakarta and also in semarang. Alila Jakarta is located in the heart […]

10 foods that contain Vitamin A for Healthy Eyes

In general we know vitamin A for healthy eyes. But in addition to that of vitamin A also have an important role in improving immune function, gene transcripts, and maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness and increasing infections due to a virus. Even in some developing countries, vitamin A deficiency is a […]

Branding Solutions with Islamic Branding Consultant

How can you do branding Islamic products quickly, accurately and with fewer Baiya ? If you use the services of sharia branding consultant , the process and the results of your branding Islamic products is much better than not using the services of consultants at all . This is true , especially Islamic products at […]

workshop developer property syariah, show how to succes with syariah

In a workshop developer who ever I follow, one of the participants said “What can be developer #TanpaBank ?” No answer, straight he answered himself “it Looks like it’s impossible..!”. That’s when I don’t respond too much (because it was bersantap afternoon), only I say “In Syaa Allah I’ve build housing #TanpaBank”. But the basics […]

How to fill the battery smartphone that is right and not ruin the battery?

How to fill the battery smartphone that is right and not ruin the battery? Smartphone is already become trend and majority of society Indonesia is using a smartphone at this time. However, there is a problem that often appears towards the smartphone. That’s the battery, most of the damage to the batrai happened to endurance […]

consuming food that can help increase the blood

There are any variety of disturbance the distribution of blood and that’s often the case that one of them is less blood or generally referred to with the term anemia. Anemia can cause someone to lack nutrition and oxygen thus causing a weak, lethargic and tired. The cause of the anemia because of the lack […]