The Utilization Of E-Commerce To Increase The Competitiveness Of SMES

Seminar on the utilization of e-commerce to enhance competitiveness of the market transaction shift UKMMenyambut conventional to digital domain, University Informatics Management Courses Trunojoyo, Madura held a business seminar on the theme “utilization of E-Commerce To Increase the competitiveness of SMES”. Working with Mr. Sri Jabat Kaban, s. t. (Owner and co-founder of as […]

syirkah Aqiqah Service All in Jabodetabek also

syirqahAqiqah is indeed located at: JL. AMD V No. 28 Ciputat Tangerang City South. Contact person: 0812 8042 0221 Aqiqah Salamah (Mr. Tomo) or contact the Office of Salamah Aqiqah: (021) 9828-8541 (021) 4433-4658. However, the services of akikah Salamah Aqiqah Jakarta Bogor, Depok region includes Tangerang, Bekasi Raya. Excuse me Mr. Mom all why […]

Don’t spend time just to analyze profit and loss statement

Don’t spend time just to analyze profit and loss statement In doing business analyzes the advantages and disadvantages is not the wrong thing. By calculating the profit and loss statement, businessman can calculate the turnover obtained. But it could be anobstacle, because time will be wasted because of it, so that business is not immediately […]

Observe the use of the Screenshot is effective in Social Media

With features more advanced emoticon which has launched Facebook, certainly this would create greater opportunities for interaction you get from Facebook Fanspage you manage. 4. give more Postings on Thursday and Friday Another thing that you need to consider to increase interaction on Facebook Fanspage is momentum. Yes, even though it should be updated every […]

Measurement and analysis of the development of twitter

The number of users who have reached half a billion would certainly make twitter is increasingly becoming favorite and mainstay. You are mainly business people who use twitter as a medium of promotion, sales and increased brand certainly should be able to always monitor and analyse the development account twiter. Measurement and analysis of the […]

Unique and creative packaging design best review

Unique and creative packaging design Post this time we would like to show you some of the awesome packaging design designed by amazing designers, the first thing paliing┬ádesain kemasan produk ppt eye-catching Yes packaging. Well, not a few good company SMES to international scale menggelontorkan a lot of money just for that. But, thanks to […]

Optimizing Android Smartphone For Business Activities

Smartphone-Android-For-Business-Activity The current smartphone #Android indeed has become a necessity for many people, including for the businessman. The rates are quite affordable as well as thousands of applications that can assist and support business activities, making the Android has always been the favorite choice of the businessman. Unfortunately, not all businesses can utilize and optimize […]