Beach rancabuaya, beutiful place in jawa

Beach rancabuaya
Beach rancabuaya
Rancabuaya Santolo Beach. Located in the subdistrict of Cikelet. And close enough to the beach Rancabuaya. An interesting and popular destinations in Garut offers the beauty of white sand beach. In these sights there are interesting objects like a weary little island just 25 meters from the coastline. But because its waters deep enough, usually tourists crossing over by boat. Photograph in this area is an activity that spots for you and even often forget time. Its beauty is very dear to miss, especially towards the sunset.

santolo Beach

Santolo Beach
Curug Rattlesnake. This tourism object like a waterfall. Height reaches 45 meters. So reflected, isn’t it? That place is higher than waterfalls on Lombok. Its location at the foot of Mount Papandayan and is at a distance of 35 KM from the city of Garut via Cikajang tea plantation. Upon arriving at the location of the parking of vehicles, you can walk as far as 200 metres to Curug Rattlesnake. But you need to be careful because its quite sharp and sleek form cascading path.

curug rattlesnake

curug rattlesnake
Mount Papandayan. The beauty of this incredibly riveting and dreams are the climbers. Adventure tours that require a prime physical condition increasingly adorned with the presence of dead forests that are at the top of the mountain. Please take a look at our photo pass below, surely anyone interested to visit the forest to die and take pictures at the venue. Photographers usually stop in the Woods to die or at least continue the journey up to into the edelweis. If you are interested in visiting Mount Papandayan in Garut, please point your vehicle towards Indonesia, and continued using the taxi for an hour until the foot of the mountain.

Mount papandayan

Mount Papandayan
On Cangkuang Temple. Object religion for Hindus located in the village on Cangkuang, Leles, garut. Cultural heritage that deserves your visit is quite unique in that it is necessary to use a raft to reach it due to being on an island in the middle of the Lake. Usually the tourists who attend to this place another religion which is like natural beauty around the Lake on Cangkuang.

Temple in garut

On Cangkuang Temple
Kampung Sampireun. Tourist attractions with the exotic nature that comes with a beautiful resort located in the middle of the Lake. Currently, the resort is named kampung Sampireun this is the most expensive area of Garut. Available children playground are favored by children in the area with this cool. If you want to stay here, then a way towards the cottage chosen, using small canoes. It is indeed a romantic vacation in Kampung Sampireun.

Kampung Sampireun

Kampung Sampireun
Crater Lake Bodas. Appropriate means, literally “White Lake”. These sights are very similar to the white craters in Ciwidey village. Its location was at Wanaraja, and is about an hour from the center of the city of Garut. Not because of the away trip then takes an hour, but because road conditions are unfavourable to the Crater Lake Bodas. But, anyone who’s been to the Lake is definitely agree that its beauty is able to hypnotize the tourists, so forget with aggravation due to the road conditions.

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