Camera B612 Has Many Benefits To Take Pictures

Camera B612 Has Many Benefits To Take Pictures


Some of these days, we often look Line personal account, particularly on the features Free Coins that can bring coins to buy a variety of stickers, and themes. There is an application that has caught our attention, named Camera B612. The reason, this application can present 50 coins for free on line. Curious, we finally decided to download it. Initially we just after 50 coins only and ignore the B612 applications. However, after we try this application is quite interesting. Because the complete application called “B612 – selfie with the heart” is the result of arable Line made specifically for selfie lovers. Selfie, is one word that suddenly popular in 2013. This term is often become viral and often a matter for the news on the internet. Imagine, a term that refers to the photographic style done by yourself it is fun. Especially, now many supporters have selfie devices, such as Smartphone or tablets with a good camera.

It also seemed not enough because in the app store, circulating selfie many special applications. In fact, now Naver, the company that presents the application Chat Line, enliven this selfie application with the presence of B612. Absolutely, Camera B612 is an application name Naver Japan for purposes selfie. Like what this one application? From the various comments expressed by users, many who say that the B612 coined many interesting filter. Additionally, some users also commented that selfie application is easy to use. B612 has a minimalist look with predominantly black. He has three icons are placed on the bottom, which is Border, Filter, and Random. Border contains various photo collage templates. When choosing one of them, let’s say two boxes template at a ratio of 1: 1, you will see a preview guide to taking pictures on the photo.

Just supports front camera Smartphone

There are weaknesses Camera B612 it only supports front camera use only. This is because the B612 is designed to selfie purposes only. However, that little makes us upset is a Smartphone that has a rotating camera like the Oppo N1 Mini also cannot even use the B612. Behind its myriad of interesting features, it has some problems complained of users on Google Play. Nevertheless, we believe Line hear complaints users and will provide the ability to support the rear camera on the next update. We feel this nice application to be used by you who love selfie. The reason for the B612 is not complicated and has a filter that much to support selfie. But that should be noted is selfie of course depending on the ability of the front camera owned Smartphone. Camera B612 offers easy to beautify your selfie photo results.

Here for download:

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