Muslim Bridal dress in traditional Javanese

When do wedding receptions, will usually use a custom area each, for example, Javanese. Custom bridal clothes yet more Javanese that opens with the model kebaya, it has certainly become a question for Muslim women who want to use Java Custom bridal clothes but by closing her body. By this the designers in Indonesia innovating […]

10 Model Shirt Batik Muslim men’s Underwear

Batik is a cloth that had characterized her fashion style flowers, leaves, birds or other types where each his motives are as varied and usually batik is also used during important events, formal as well as formal as the wedding, parties, College and Office work. Uniqueness will batik is very much sought after by those […]

Muslim dress Fashionable collections for College

Incessant innovation change of progress in muslim fashion creations for both men and women in Indonesia who are always created with the trend following the latest fashions to be able to offer a wide range of the latest muslim clothing model and modern current output. Any model of muslim dress combination done to change fashions […]

Examples of Model Muslim dress for women-Shifon

Makes a beautiful and comfortable appearance was seen eyes naturally in addition can add confidence with a wrap of modern fashions worn by a Muslim must also be able to provide more value on Muslim women. At this year’s design on Muslim clothing has experienced significant changes. The creation of the muslim clothing styles and […]