Component Design of packaging name Address & Manufacturer

As a form of liability, the manufacturer is obligated to list the name of the manufacturer on the packaging of the product. This at once as a guarantee and a guide for the customer, who should be contacted with regard to the product. Other rules like the illustration on the packaging are set deeper, such […]

30 examples of Design Packaging Packaging CD DVD

In this article we want to share the 30 examples of Design Packaging CD DVD Packaging. The current CDs and DVDs is still a digital media promotionfor business profiles, product or part of the product itself. The right packaging design and unique will greatly help strengthen the branding of your product in the eyes of […]

Build Brand Online Stores Through Product Packaging

Although to date the product quality being the main points of yourbusiness success in the virtual world, but as a seller doesn’t mean you should rule out a way of packing or packaging of the product that you used to wrap goods orderan consumers. kemasan produk makanan you receive Your package from shipment, apparently enough […]

the latest environmentally friendly drinks packaging

The rise of global warming issues to encourage perpetrators of SMES to start usingeco-friendly packaging or commonly referred to with the term sustainable packaging.Most eco-friendly products, the packaging used for food and beverage products. The use of environmentally friendly packaging used for food and beverage productsnow also has become an international trend. Where the idea […]