consuming food that can help increase the blood

There are any variety of disturbance the distribution of blood and that’s often the case that one of them is less blood or generally referred to with the term anemia. Anemia can cause someone to lack nutrition and oxygen thus causing a weak, lethargic and tired. The cause of the anemia because of the lack of intake substances-the nutrients pembentuk blood as the substance iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and acid folat.
consuming food that can help increase the blood
Way to tackle anemia is by consuming food that can help increase the blood. As buah penambah  for the food penambah blood between them is as follows.

Orange. Womb vitamin C a lot contained in the orange can recopy of red blood cells in the body. Besides oranges also have a womb other of them is fiber, antioksidan, and acid folat.

Tomato. Tomatoes have trace vitamin C and A.

The mangoes. Mangoes have a uterus the vitamin C needs of adults every day.

Jambu seeds. Womb vitamin C on jambu seeds help in multiplying the production of red blood cells in the body.

Apple. Bah apple is a nice breakfast to the suffering of anemia because the fruit apples have fiber that is high and saturation vitamin C that much.

Fruit of the dragon. Fruit has lots of vitamin A be one of penambah blood.

Sawi. Sawi has trace vitamins a, b, and c are effectively regenerate hemoglobin.

Spinach. Vegetable spinach is a backup pembentuk cell red included in time period in women.

Away. Away have the iron on high so it could be the food that adds blood in the body.

Green beans. Saturation of iron is high can handle anemia.

Peas. Peas have a function of the effective to the suffering from anemia as a penambah blood.

Nuts almonds. Nuts almonds are rich in the iron that can mengoptimalkan pengedaran blood in the body.

Oysters and the shells,
Fish salmon, this fish has vitamin B12 high as penambah blood.

Advised not to at once consume the groceries on the top because it also would cause an impact that is not good if consume more of the provisions advocated in every day. Thus some of the food penambah blood, may useful and help add to the blood in Your body.

Food Penambah Blood

Blood has a role very important to the health of humans. If we are short of blood, this will result in us having the disease anemia. Disease anemia or a disease less blood is one of the disease common enough diderita by society in Indonesia. This disease is not considered to be take lightly, especially on mother’s pregnant because it can endanger the mother was pregnant. Mother pregnant usually the level drops in the blood is greater because not many get the nutrients required by the body during pregnant. Haemoglobin has a very important role to maintain the health of the body because it serves to transport oxygen, and these substances are food.

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