Controlling Objects With Your Mind

Controlling Objects With Your Mind – controlling objects with pikiranMengendalikan objects with the mind-did you ever menoton X-Men movie? Eric Lanser/Magneto and Jean Grey is a character in the film X-Men who have extraordinary ability
Controlling Objects With Your Mind
Magneto, has the ability to control all types of metal. So when the bullet is fired to himself can be played back in the direction of the person who shot him. Then Jean Grey who had a high level of telekinesis ability. In fact, the strength of Prof. Zavier teacher lost to Jean Grey. He can control what objects are nearby. Including flash flooding. It is an example of telekinesis are described in the film.
Controlling Objects With Your Mind
Then if the human can control the neighboring objects with just a thought.?

Telekinesis is still the debate from 5 decades before World War II. Some even mentioned that the post World War II, the CIA recruit people who have the ability to opt in to kinesis war. Until now science telekinesis still be pros and cons. Some researchers believe if the normal humans only use about 10% of their brains, the potential development of the potential of the brain further and allows to have mastered the ability of telekinesis.
According to quantum physics, everything in this world is energy

Humans are actually energy fields, so does denganbenda things around us. That is why, that one energy field can also affect other energy fields. The power of the human mind is believed to affect the surrounding objects so that the object can move. It is called as a poltergeist.

Other researchers said that telekinesis is a myth, but they could not explain about the phenomena that occur in people Russia Nina Kulagina. She is known to have the ability of telekinesis. From the results of research on himself that when performing telekinesis increased blood pressure, heart rate that significantly affect them. Then after placing his body weights decreased between telekinesis 1-8.5 pounds. This happens because the whole concentrated energy to the brain. It’s obvious, telekinesis is very bannyak effort.

Then Prof. William Brown and his side handed over the results of his research to the universities and study centers in the USA and Europe but all of which no one can explain it all feel even do not believe and are dumbfounded.

The phenomenon later in the review by muslim scientists that originated in india. The Islamic scientists said “we Muslims know the interpretation and meaning of this phenomenon, even since 1400 years ago.” The muslim scientist proves with the word of God in Sura Al-Isra verse 44 last as already mentioned above. The scientists who attended the study words snapped up by muslim scientists.

After hearing the answer the muslim scientist, Prof. William Brown then met the scientist to study Islam further. Then the scientists ever explained to her about Islam. Muslim Scientists then it gives a Quran to Prof. William Brown.


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