Don’t spend time just to analyze profit and loss statement

Don’t spend time just to analyze profit and loss statement In doing business analyzes the advantages and disadvantages is not the wrong thing. By calculating the profit and loss statement, businessman can calculate the turnover obtained. But it could be anobstacle, because time will be wasted because of it, so that business is not immediately realized. That was the problem for everyone for fear of starting a business for fear of loss and failure.

Don't spend time just to analyze profit and loss statement

3. no success can be achieved by way of the instant

To be successful it needs sacrifice, whether it be time, effort or cost. To achieve the success required a process, then don’t think that success could be achieved by way of instant. Luck does exist, but do notmake it into the backrest.

4. Make a dream as motivation

Everyone has a dream, but only some people who dare to dream big then make it happen. Why is this so? Dream big is afraid, how can it succeed? If you have a dream, nourish the dream becomes big dream, then make it the dream as a motivation for you in running a business.

5. Positive thinking

If you experience a loss, look at the negative stuff by the way see the plus side. That way you won’tmake it as a major disaster. Otherwise it can become a learning for you to improve the way you do business in.

6. Prioritizing their quality and consumer satisfaction

According to Bob Sadino quality and consumer satisfaction is things that can determine success indoing business. Consumers who feel satisfied will be returned to you and will spread the good thingstowards your business.

7. Don’t do half-measures

To succeed, do your business with a vengeance. Fokuslah for running one business only, so the profitobtained will be more optimally.

8. Hard work and smart work

In doing business is indeed it takes hard work, but the balance of hard work and smart work to getmaximum results. Intelligent work could be done by way of the right business strategy and mature.

9. A well-behaved

Never forget the people who contribute to your business. Well behaved badly needed in doing business to build networking with colleagues.

10. Always remember to God

Believe that everything that happens is the will of God, be it disaster or kegembiaraan. Whenexperienced hardship, do not hesitate to ask for his help and engage God in every decision and thesteps you take to keep your business smoothly.

Open business is not as easy to reverse the Palm of the hand. Need the effort and hard work are highas well as mental hardiness downed before you success. But if you’ve had success, later becoming an entrepreneur was very enjoyable. You are not bound by such time if you work as an employee, so youcan have more time to relax with your loved ones. In addition efforts also brought earnings greater than employees. That’s a lot of people who would love to become a successful entrepreneur. But do not be reckless, as was already mentioned earlier that it is not easy to succeed in running a business. Ifyou directly jumped without any aba and aba-preparation then you would just fall and will not get the result. You need to think carefully about what in need during the opening effort. This is done so thatlater you can get by with either because you’ve been thinking about all the possibilities and the necessity to open a business.

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