How do I remove an effective hair lice?

How do I remove an effective hair lice? Hair lice that hang around in the scalp becomes a thing that is very annoying. Scalp feels very itchy and hot due to the bite-bites lice. This should soon be overcome given breeding lice hair itself very quickly. If does not cara menghilangkan kutu rambut dengan bahan alami immediately addressed, the scalp will itch and increasingly hot. Not only fleas, but a flea eggs are white would appear to stand out among a generally dark colored hair. Of course, other people will easily see that our lousy scalp. They will avoid us because lice hair very easily contagious.

The itching tends to make us scratch the scalp, scalp is much thinner than the skin on the other part. When we scratched with hard, there is a possibility the scalp into the wound. Sores on the scalp will be easily infected causing incredible pain. Germs that get into the wound could be cause of other diseases that are much more severe. This is why we need effective ways to eliminate fleas right hair so that all lice and nits can be destroyed and will not be back again.

How do I remove an effective hair lice
How to remove head lice hair

Hair on the head lice – img via Wikipedia Commons
How to Eliminate Hair Lice in children

Children tend to target the most frequently exposed to fleas. When a child is exposed to hair lice, he/she will quickly infecting his friends. But we know the kids interact with intense at school and places to play. This makes children vulnerable once get head lice problem hair. In removing the hair lice in children is also not become easier because although ticks are already destroyed, but when the children come back to play again with his friends who has lice, he/she will be exposed again. Therefore it eliminates head lice hair should be very thorough.

Parents generally give anti lice sold in the market. Unfortunately the sensitive children’s skin tends to react to chemical drugs. In addition, anti lice usually must be silenced overnight after applied topically to the scalp. Some kids may feel disturbed sleep due to wear of the base of the head lice remedy in his hair so that it doesn’t stick everywhere. Remember there is a possibility of allergic children in drug chemistry, natural way of removing hair lice in children should use natural ingredients that are safer for her skin. Refer to the natural material below, in addition to the kids this material c ocok used for adults.
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How to remove head lice Hair Naturally and easily

1. Red Onion

The first way to remove head lice hair with natural ingredients, namely by making use of the onion. Apply pieces of onion to the entire scalp until evenly and let stand overnight. The onion has a strong aroma. This scent is very disliked by fleas. Fleas-lice can die instantly if inhale the vapors that come out from the onion, so are fleas-ticks that are still in their eggs will die before hatching. Therefore, the onion is a natural choice in removing the hair lice and eggs thoroughly. The only disadvantages of this way is the smell of onion may be attached to the hair. However, this can be overcome by using scented shampoos fragrant.

2. Coconut oil

The next way in overcoming hair lice can also use coconut oil. Coconut oil is also one of a natural cure that can eradicate head lice eggs to the hair. Apply coconut oil to all parts of the scalp and hair to flat, cover with a towel and leave it on overnight. Fleas-Ticks will be dehydrated and eventually die by applying the natural way.

3. Lemon and eucalyptus oil

Still using natural materials, in rooting out the hair lice next we will use a mix of water juice of lemon and eucalyptus oil. The trick is pretty easy you just need to make a liquid lemon and eucalyptus oil as much as one than one. Next apply the mixture you made earlier evenly kerambut while doing massage. If the disara already evenly then cover your hair with a hair cover is made using plastic that it is indeed possible to close the head with her hair. But if it does not exist then can use the towel to dry. Let stand in the condition for approximately 2 – 3 hours, then rinse with clean water and shampoo.

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