How to fill the battery smartphone that is right and not ruin the battery?

How to fill the battery smartphone that is right and not ruin the battery?
How to fill the battery smartphone that is right and not ruin the battery
Smartphone is already become trend and majority of society Indonesia is using a smartphone at this time. However, there is a problem that often appears towards the smartphone.

That’s the battery, most of the damage to the batrai happened to endurance batteries and batrai that is leaking. For that we have to be careful and give special attention to keeping to be-an battery smartphone.

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how to load the battery smartphone right

How to load the battery smartphone that’s right – my Image by :
Can do charging the battery by performing charge all night?

To smartphone can-can, because the smartphone at this time been in complete technology to decide the current charging if the battery is full or reaches 100%. Co-founder of (A company of accessories and charge smartphone in europe) named Shane Broesky also stated:

“Let smartphone you on cass all night it’s gonna be okay, it won’t harm your devices – your Phone is a very smart, after fully loaded, he will know when the time to stop and can protect them from charging too much”.

It’s just, if let the battery on the contents of the night will be the age of your battery won’t hold for long. So this thing we should avoid or a minimum so you can have battery smartphone the lasted.
How to fill the battery smartphone right?

Shane also explained, most battery smartphone use is the battery lithium-ion, to be able to keep the age of the battery. You have to do the charging at the boundary-line in the advocate which is fill until 50%-80%. Because at the range this ion can continue to work in optimum in protecting and storing power your batteries.
Tips to keep battery life to keep you be:

Don’t get used to replenish the battery from 0% to 100% because it will reduce the age of your battery.
Don’t get used to it your battery is discharged until 0%, if it’s to reach 5% of the better you do charging again.
Use equipment and accessories that quality in doing charging your batteries, like a charge, the original or the quality is good, the wiring is original or quality good and try accessories used bermerek same with smartphone you to the power given in accordance with the requirements.
Hindarilah to do charging again using the usb is connected to PC or laptop, because for some devices the power given isn’t the same.
Don’t let your battery get too hot, well that’s because the reload is too long or because of the use of.
Do’s optimasi economizing battery with deadly features-features that don’t work, like turn off bluetoth, GPS, Wifi or packet data if were not used.

That’s the way to fill the battery smartphone are really and some tips to keep battery smartphone can keep lasted and not easily broken.

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