MindTalk.com, Local interest-based social Media

MindTalk.com, Local interest-based social MediaSmart City: Jakarta Qlue
Qlue is Android applications social #media concept provides convenience for its users, especially Jakarta residents to report and discuss the problems of the environment around them, such as sanitation, roads damaged, and more. With mennggunggah photos and write down its location, the citizens of DKI can directly convey aspirasinya to the Government of DKI Jakarta in order to follow up.

While expanding it, the developer of this app has indeed been menjalinkerja closely with the Government of DKI Jakarta in order to make the program Smart City Jakarta. With the application of Qlue: this Smart City Jakarta provincial Government of DKI greatly helped to monitor and resolve issues reported by its citizens.
MindTalk.com, Local interest-based social Media
In addition to helping resolve problems surrounding Jakarta, Qlue also help users find businesses around them, where users could give reviews so that the business could be emerging.
3. Photo Collage Maker: PicMix

If you often have to route the photo editing before uploading to social media, then #aplikasi Android popular works of this country PicMix will really help you. Indeed these local photo editing applications many of which are not yet know. But with editing various features, the PicMic will make the user experience in the editng and share photos social media to become more interesting and fun.
4. Go-Jek
Thanks to the membludaknya of their online audiences in major cities of Indonesia, it is not redundant if the application then Go-jek become popular local applications. With applications Go-Jek, users would indeed be more be facilitated in the taxi reservations will transfer the customer to a destination more quickly, without being bogged down and efficiently. In addition to passengers, the Go-Jek now also serving the purchasing of goods and services between the food you want anytime.

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5. Traveloka App

Lastly, the most popular Android application country-made version of Google is Traveloka Traveloka which is app. applications that serve cheap hotel ticket and it did help a lot of users who often have to travel or traveling out of town.

With the affordable prices offered by Traveloka then no doubt this application then downloaded. Another factor that makes this a very popular application for Android users is the existence of information the display price is net, meaning there are no more hidden or additional costs that need to be paid.

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Competition in business is indeed #smartphone the longer the increasingly fierce. Not only is it simply to reach consumers, smart phone competition now that too is already leading to the prestige and self-respect. This is probably a bit of a series depicting the iPhone and Samsung lately in his latest product launch.


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