Mistakes are often made When brushing teeth

Mistakes are often made when brushing my teeth. Did you know, it turns out that there are still many among us who still often make mistakes when brushing your teeth. This occurs due to lack of knowledge. If the error is carried out on an ongoing basis can cause tooth decay that can eventually become the cause of toothache.

Well for you who do not know what are the errors that are often performed while brushing your teeth, here we will expose a number of useful information for you about errors in brushing your teeth.


Brushing My Teeth

1. Habit of gargling after you finish brushing my teeth
Are you one of those people who always rinse after you finish brushing my teeth? Of the majority of people who get to brushing my teeth, definitely answered Yes. Did you know that the activity is a habit of wrong during brushing my teeth? When you want to rinse out, then you can gargle after 30 minutes after doing a toothbrush. This is done so that the content in toothpaste could seep into the teeth, gargled then immediately when a result is enzyme toothpaste will be easily lost.

2. The habit of brushing my teeth after finished eating
It is true when we should brush our teeth after a meal, but is not recommended for brushing my teeth after finished eating without any intervals. This is due to balance the levels of keasaaman teeth are also useful for maintaining healthy teeth. When you want to rub the teeth after a meal, you can wait up to 30 minutes kemudiandan sikatlah your teeth to clean.

3. The habit of brushing too hard
If You thought that brushing your teeth with the pressure and the speed of the hard teeth cleaning can, then Your assumption wrong. Thus it can damage the lining of the teeth and your teeth will be more easily perforated. Use a soft toothbrush and sikatlah your teeth gently.

4. a short brushing Habits
Many people consider the toothbrush is a compulsory activity and should be done even though briefly. In fact it is wrong, because brushing your teeth in less than 2 minutes thus still leave banak dirt in the gear. Ussakan for calm in brushing your teeth and then do the activity more than 2 minutes to clean up the rest of the food is still left.

5. Love snacking
Are you one of those people who like snacking activities? In fact there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just that when you’re snacking too often can make your tooth is broken. Teeth will more easily exposed to substances from foods, especially when there is an acid substance can make dental porous.

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