Modern minimalist House floor plan 1 floor to Shop

Although not so common in Western countries, in Asian countries such as Indonesia, utilizing one of the parts of the House for small businesses is a thing that goes without saying. Home-based business is certainly able to help prop up the economy of the family. You can choose floor plans for the home took a minimalist house (Houses), although the land available is quite limited. Not a thing is impossible if the House 1 floors are utilized and to store
Minimalist Home floor plan: Shop floor
Modern minimalist House floor plan 1 floor to Shop
If you want to get more room on Your minimalist residence, one strategy that you can apply is the House of 2 floors. Minimalist House floor plan 2 floors for took is very common and we see on the general architecture of the tabloids. Typically, the 1st floor of the House used for the shop while the 2nd floor area used for living quarters. Ample indeed; However, what if your budget is only enough to House 1 floor?

Indeed, it is not easy to renovasi dan bangun rumah set up blueprints of the House floor and is used for business, both stores as well as business services. At least, there are two ideas that you can take advantage of, namely:
House 1 floor with 2 garage to store-Houseandland

House 1 floor with 2 garage to store – Houseandland
Utilizing the garage for the effort

One of the easiest way to organize space in a home shop floor is by utilizing the garage area for the purposes of business, if you don’t already have a 4-wheeled vehicle which requires a permanent garage. However, if you already have a personal vehicle, then the solution is to build two vehicle garage: one for and one for business. For example, on a floor plan of a minimalist 3 bedroom home you could add two garages at once.

As seen on the floor plan of the minimalist house 1 floor below, there are two garages that are allocated. You can menyiasatinya using the bulkhead, so one of the garage you can use to develop a home-based business.

The addition of a room at the front of the House

The second way is with the addition of a room (extension). Typically, this is done if indeed you have built the House before, but later thought to utilize the front area of the home as a place of business. If the land available is quite extensive, so you can build small stores that don’t blend with the parent’s House, so the privacy activity at home is not disrupted by the activities of business.

As in the example above, modern minimalist home floor plan that has existed previously will not be disturbed by the addition of a room to store. It’s just, that change is the floor plan of the area of the exterior of the House.

In other words, is required so that a strategy of limited land and the room still can be maximized to meet the needs of the whole family. Since the beginning of the construction of a House, you should already be considering all possibilities, including to take advantage of your residence to develop the economy of the family. Modern minimalist home floor plan examples 1 floor to attempt certainly can be a reference for you.

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