object is an abbreviation of Batam

Barelang Bridge. This object is an abbreviation of Batam, Galang and Eccentric. This place is becoming very interesting and worth a visit by tourists because connecting small islands scattered in these waters. In total there are 6 bridges incorporated and called Barelang. The project was initiated by former President Habibie was built in 1992 and recently completed after 6 years later. Visitors can come and enjoy its beauty in the afternoon from on a boat or even a night to see the beauty of the lights on the bridge. The unique shape of the bridge is supposedly if the night and the moment the lights flash, you already feel like they are on top of the Chao Phraya River which is a romantic attractions in Bangkok.
object is an abbreviation of Batam
the bridge in batam

Barelang Bridge
Kampong Of Viet Nam. Have you ever heard the name “boat people?” i.e. a group of refugees who were only armed with a simple boat that sailed from vietnam. Well some of the refugees stranded on Galang Island. Indeed at this time their existence already not there. But their legacy still stored neatly and even into historical tourism objects are sufficiently interesting to visit then-you have come to the island of Batam. The condition of this very simple kampung often adorn the exotic photographs produced by the photographer.

the former boat people remains

Kampung Viet Nam
Ocarina Park. Theme park on the shores of beautiful luxury residential area. It is set in Coastarina Batam. In addition to the theme park, it features a charming beach with views of the iconic Ocarina writings often used as background images. If you ever visit the Losari beach is a place of interest in Makassar, then such writing is similar and has always been the background photo selfie visitors.

Ocarina Park

Ocarina Park
Beach Marina. It’s like, anyone who comes to visit Batam, definitely take yourself for a stopover to the most famous beach on the island. The reason is simple, here in addition to being a place of interest is also the ferry pier of the crossing, and also the location of some of the famous hotel where the visitors stay. The atmosphere created is also quite stylish, well it’s not like other ferry port which is usually impressed slums. Beach Marina has a view of the garden and offers its own charm to your holiday.

dock in batam

Beach Marina
Hill’s Smile. This unique name is Batam sights which is quite popular and commonly appears in reviews in the internet media. The object of the Park in a certain height can see sparkling lights regions of Singapore on the other side. It is highly recommended to come here do not over night. So festive that is visible on the opposite side can be enjoyed to its fullest. At dusk, the lights which looks started to extinguished thereby reducing your sightseeing enjoyment evening snack while sampling. Similar to the bukit Bandung Moko, isn’t it?

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