Observe the use of the Screenshot is effective in Social Media

With features more advanced emoticon which has launched Facebook, certainly this would create greater opportunities for interaction you get from Facebook Fanspage you manage.
4. give more Postings on Thursday and Friday

Another thing that you need to consider to increase interaction on Facebook Fanspage is momentum. Yes, even though it should be updated every day, but you never forget to do more posts the more intense on Thursday and Friday.

This is because according to the research, Engagement rate will increase so 18% higher when a status or posting is updated on Thursdays and Fridays than on other days of the week.
5. use Questions via Facebook Fanspage
Observe the use of the Screenshot is effective in Social Media
In a study of social #media is well known that the postings in question would be able to bring in 100% comment more if compared to the standard status in the form of a statement. And questions with quick answers (ya/tidak) will be able to improve many more interactions. Therefore don’t forget to use the question each time a post or update Your fans page.

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6. Occasionally Conduct contests and Sweepstakes with prizes

This last one, attracting fans on Facebook Fanspage interaction You is by holding a contest or a sweepstakes with prizes. This is not all you have to do every day, but once or twice a month only it is enough if Your funds are sufficient. Use words such as contest, win, promotion, enter and submit, and other proven capable of attracting more interaction. Materialistic era in modern times such as now did make people enthusiastic fans or with words of contest and sweepstakes. According to the study, posting suggestive contests and sweepstakes will receive a engagemen
For those of us who are already accustomed to using #smartphone, social media is certainly already part closely in our daily lives. If we are indeed already familiar with social media, certainly we already know the use of screenshots in social media.

A screenshot is usually often used as evidence or a means to appeal to a sense of curiosity of others by way of posting his social #media.

What the hell is actually like the influence of screenshots as well as a connection with social media?

Literally, screenshots could be interpreted as an image captured by the screen smartphone or other device screen. The screenshots usually contain text or images posted by certain parties. Use of the screenshot is usually made as evidence of authentic that a party had issued a statement or specific information.

We already have a screenshot can be saved or published through a variety of social media like Twitter or #Facebook, Instagram.

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The benefits derived from the use of Screenshots

Not without reason that we should be using a row of information into the text or an image uploaded to social media. Because it turns out that there are many benefits we can get if we use screenshots uploaded to social media. We can get benefits such as:

Maximize character limitation that we can use on a particular social media. For example, on Twitter we can only use the 140 characters to notify certain information. But by using a screenshot, then the ability to convey the information into fewer and not limited by 140 characters.

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