Packaging is the outermost part of the wrap

Packaging is the outermost part of the wrap as a product with the purpose to protect the products from the weather, shocks and clash-clash, against other objects. Each form item object that wraps an object in it can be called in as far as it is beneficial to protect the contents. To display the impression and the views of a product, then the contents of the packaging are usually established or designed in such a way, so that the message to be delivered would be captured by the users of the product properly.

Packaging has become a critical part of a work. Currently the plundering of a product packaging to determine whether the product is worth is said to be qualified or not. Like the painting, if not equipped with the then figura appears as the paper without clothing. This form of packaging is very helpful to a manufacturer to introduce and bring closer their products to consumers. In just a few seconds just a packaging can change the way someone thought to have a high interest in the product.
Packaging is the outermost part of the wrap
The packaging used to wrap both handicraft product purchased the customer not only functioned as a safety but the packaging should have the value of the estetic, informational value, and the value of the promotion. For it before we use packaging goods must first understand what true purpose of packaging used.

Many craftsmen who ignore problems packaging a product because they assume that the function of the package just as a pack. But if we examine the packaging has a function, the function is more than that. If we want to pay attention to these functions, then the smooth sales can be expected.

In the meantime there are craftsmen who argue that important handicraft wrapped. But in this case does not mean wrapping or packaging problems can be ignored. Although the goods were carelessly packed great if its contents will be able to affect the interests of the buyer. In order that the consumer be interested and try packaging can act affect consumers.

The Function Of The Product Packaging Craft
Seen from the function, the packaging has 4 main functions, i.e. functions sell, protect, facilitate, and beautify the appearance of handicraft products. The following four functions of craft products.

Sell a product
Indirectly, this form of Kemasan Ramah Lingkungan packaging must be able to sell the product, the packaging is able to communicate well and be free of advertising or promotion of a covert at the time of sale or at the time of pendistribusiannya. Usually the consumer goods existing in the market or in the store was placed near the products of competitors. Promotion of goods depends on the packaging because the packaging had an influence in the post to lure consumers. Improvement of packaging can be a effective way to attract new consumers.

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