the bad habbits for your mouth

Tips To Prevent Toothache
It is very important for You to know how to prevent toothache, so you can avoid the toothache. For that, check out the following tips to prevent toothache.

Keep proper dental health by brushing my teeth at least 2 times a day the right way. Whenever possible you can rub the teeth 3 times a day, but never more than that because it could make email the tooth depleting.
Once you are consuming sugary foods and if these foods can damage teeth, head for brushing my teeth. Use a toothpaste that corresponds with your teeth.
Check with your teeth once 6 months so that doctors see anything that is in your teeth.
When found cavities, then head to the doctor so that you get the right handling.
the bad habbit for mouth
How To Naturally Treat A Toothache
So what if you’re already a toothache? You could try making a traditional herb for treating toothache. How do I make it? Please refer to the explanation of this beerikut.

1. Leaves red chili
When your toothache, you could use red pepper leaf to treat toothache you experienced. The trick is to pluck the leaves red chili and take the resin. The SAP is then You squirt on the part of the tooth that is perforated.

2. Stem kemuning
The second way is to use the burned until kemuning Rod rod is pulled out of the oil. Then the oil squirt into the tooth that hurts.

3. Salt Water
You can use salt water to treat saki

The First Way

Clean the teeth first by brushing my teeth
Gargle with warm water
take 1 shallot/white
dividing into two parts
put on a tooth that hurts, while detained in a manner slowly being bitten.

The Second Way

Clean the teeth with a tooth brush and then gargle with warm water
take 1-3 cloves garlic/white
puree with a blender or grated
mix with a little water (to taste)
use as a gargle
use the mouthwash every morning and night before going to bed.

7. Betel leaf
Herbal healer toothache next betel leaf. Already an open secret that the betel leaf has many benefits, one of which is to treat toothache. For usage please follow the following easy steps!

Clean the teeth with a brush your teeth, then gargle with warm water
rebuslah 5-10 pieces of betel leaf
use as a gargle every morning and night before going to bed.

8. Cotton and coconut oil

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