the palace of the king of thailand

the palace of the king of thailand

The Grand Palace
Pratunam Market. Pratunam is a place of shopping which is very famous in Bangkok Thailand especially for tourists from Indonesia. Pratunam spread of the Way Ratchadewi, Phetchaburi, until bordering on the to Rama I. There are aneka centre shopping mall here from Central World, the ratio of platinum, Big C and others. But most go is the night market Pratunam that sells various other ragam stuff cheap and can afford very low. Looking for the whereabouts of the Pratunam Night Market is very easy. There’s building a hotel that tall looming named Baiyoke Sky Hotel with my “Baiyoke” the easier it r eads from a distance. And Pratunam Market is on the road a little in front of the hotel.
the palace of the king of thailand
pratunam market

Pratunam Market
The Coast Of Pattaya. Layout of this beach is at a distance of 147 kilometers from the city of Bangkok. And around it there are some place tourist night famous in Thailand like Thai girl show, Pictures of Models and spider-man. If you ask a child or teenager, it’s not advised to visit the object. If you’re an adult and curious, you should pick Spiderman more elements kocaknya. A vacation to the Pattaya with the family please do at Pattaya beach in the morning until the afternoon. Watersport enough to complete on the beach similar to the beach Capes Benoa, one of the so-called secret tour in Bali, feels like it’s not too big and the sand color was a bit brownish.

beach pattaya

Beach Pattaya
Chatuchak Weekend Market. Place shopping which is a market the largest in Southeast Asia it’s its existence can not be separated from the city of Bangkok, have become a trademark package for tourists on holiday to Thailand. If you go to Bangkok, ya gotta get over to Chatuchak. And in accordance with his name, the weekend market this one open at the end of the weekend. The price on the market super cheap and transactions that happen in cash. So be sure to bring money their on the market that’s pretty hot for not having AC.

the market largest in thailand

Chatuchak Market.
Mahboonkrong (MBK Mall). Place tour shopping it consists of 7 floors with more than 2000 shops in it and located pretty close to the wax Museum Madame Tussaud. Stores that sell a wide variety of products, ranging from fashion, gadgets, cameras, jewelry, souvenirs typical of Thailand and facility others. In MBK, we can buy anything we find because super complete. That’s why the object is so the mandatory for the travelers are a hobby of shopping. Don’t be surprised if we often see a bunch of mothers in Indonesia who was just shopping in here. Because this place a lot sell stuff the price is a little above the price at Pratunam and Chatuchak, but the location is cool AIR-conditioned.

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