The Utilization Of E-Commerce To Increase The Competitiveness Of SMES

Seminar on the utilization of e-commerce to enhance competitiveness of the market transaction shift UKMMenyambut conventional to digital domain, University Informatics Management Courses Trunojoyo, Madura held a business seminar on the theme “utilization of E-Commerce To Increase the competitiveness of SMES”.
The Utilization Of E-Commerce To Increase The Competitiveness Of SMES
Working with Mr. Sri Jabat Kaban, s. t. (Owner and co-founder of as well as Mr. Rahmatniwa, S.K. M (Manager as speaker, online business seminar held on Monday (23/11) was followed by more than 50 participants comprising among the students and businessmen SMES in Madura, particularly around Bangkalan.

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“As for the purpose of implementing the activities of this is we want to open insight especially for students and the perpetrator of the SMES in Madura, about how great the benefits it brings about when we use the media IT particularly e-commerce to enhance competitiveness of our SMES,” said Ahmad Yasid speaker Program University Informatics management studies Trunojoyo Madura.

Seminar on online business that lasts more than about 3 hours, the father of Sri Jabat Kaban and Mr. Rahmatniwa alternately divulge tactics for success could enhance the competitiveness of SMES through e-commerce. Not only that, the participants are dominated by students also get tips and tricks on how to start a business with simple ideas.

“In our University campus Trunojoyo Madura, there are actually Special lecture material on entrepreneurship to provide motivation to students so that they can become independent entrepreneur or self-employment. Beside that, there is also our devotion to the community especially with the perpetrators of the SME, there we could give guidance to the partnership and Praise from the campus also provides funding for us so that we can create or design a website e-commerce, “said Ahmad Yasid.

The aim of the event, Ahmad also said that Yasid to date in general business knowledge by SMES in Madura on the use of e-commerce is still very small, because of the limitations of the human resources of the SME itself. Therefore, institutions such as the University of Madura Trunojoyo provides opportunities, providing insight, so that business can develop its business market share so more broadly.

Enthusiastic participants or parties academics so visible when online business seminars taking place. “On a personal basis and institutions, we are very impressed with the material presented at the seminar this time. Especially on how to start a business with little capital and with a simple business idea once but can open opportunities open up new jobs. Therefore, future events such as these need to be improved, and if necessary we will invite SME even more, “he said.

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A lasting impression is also obtained by Kristina Sagita Pakarya while following the seminar on e-commerce that day, this University Sorority Trunojoyo claimed to get many of the benefits mainly the most memorable when he taught the methods of marketing via online. “My hope, after following the seminar on e-commerce, hopefully I can develop my attempt to make it more forward again,” so he added.

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