The way Aqiqah for Kids

Understanding ‘Aqiqah
The way Aqiqah for Kids
According to the language of ‘Aqiqah means : cut. Originally called ‘Aqiqah, because dipotongnya the neck of the animal with penyembelihan it. There’s nothing to say that aqiqah is the name for animals that are slaughtered, so named because his throat was cut There is a saying that ‘aqiqah it’s origin is : Hair evident on the head of the baby when she came out of the womb of your mother, this hair is called ‘aqiqah, because he must first be shaved.

Aqiqah is penyembelihan sheep/goat for babies who were born on days 7, 14, or 21. There are 2 tail for baby boy and 1 tail for baby girl.

Bormat-bormat Commencement

From Samurah bin Jundab he said : the messenger of said : “All babies tergadaikan with aqiqahnya that on the day ketujuhnya slaughtered animal (goat), given a name and first be shaved of her hair.” [HR Abu Dawud, Tirmidzi, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, ‘m ahmad]

From Aisha, he said : the messenger of said : “Baby boy diaqiqahi with two goats are same and baby girl one goat.” [HR’m ahmad, Tirmidzi, Ibn Majah]

Kids that tergadai (stuck) with aqiqahnya, slaughtered animals for her at day seventh, first be shaved his head and given a name.” [HR’m ahmad]

Of Salman bin ‘Amir Ad-Dhabiy, he said : Rasululloh said : “Aqiqah is carried out because the birth of a baby, then sembelihlah animals and hilangkanlah all of the distractions from him.” [History Of Bukhari]

From ‘Amr bin Syu’aib from his father, from his grandfather, the messenger of said :

“Whoever among you wants to slaughter (a sheep) because of the birth of the baby then hendaklah he do to men two goats are same and for a girl one sheep.” [HR Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, ‘m ahmad]

From ‘Aisha RA, he said, “the messenger of peace be upon him never both ‘aqiqah for Hasan and Husain on the 7th day of his birth, he gave the name and ordered to removed the dirt from his head (first be shaved)”. [HR. Hakim, in AL-Mustadrak deuce 4, thing. 264]

Description : Hasan and Husain was the grandson of the messenger of peace be upon him.

From Fatimah binti Muhammad while giving birth to Hasan, he said : the messenger of said : “Shave his hair and bersedekahlah with silver to the poor weighing scales her hair.” [HR’m ahmad, Thabrani, and al-Baihaqi]

From Abu Buraidah r.a.: Aqiqah it slaughtered on the day seventh, or fourteenth, or twenty-first only. (HR Baihaqi and Thabrani).

The law Aqiqah Child is sunnah (muakkad) as opinion, Imam Malik, a resident of Medina, Imam Syafi’i and friend-his friend, a Priest’m ahmad, Ishaq, Abu Tsaur and most scholars expert fiqih (fuqaha).

The base that is used by financial Syafii and Hambali to say it as something that is sunnah muakkadah is of the hadiths of the Prophet peace be upon him. What’s that saying, “The tergadai with aqiqahnya. Disembelihkan for him on the seventh day (of his birth)”. (HR al-Tirmidzi, Hasan Shahih)

“With boys there’s aqiqah, then shed (redeemer) from the blood sembelihan and clean the shit out of him (that Means shaving his hair).” (HR: ‘m ahmad, Al Bukhari and Ashhabus Sunan)

The words: “then we (the avengers) from her blood sembelihan” is a command, yet not be mandatory, because there sabdanya the turning of the obligation that: “Whoever among you wants to menyembelihkan for his daughter, then please do.” (HR: ‘m ahmad, Abu Dawud and An Nasai with sanad is hasan).

The words: “want to menyembelihkan,..” is bormat the turning command is basically mandatory to be sunnah.

Imam Malik said: Aqiqah it’s like a nusuk (sembeliah the subsequent ban hajj) and udhhiyah (kurban), should not be in the aqiqah this animal picak, thin, broken bones, and hospital. Imam Asy-Syafi’iy said: And it should be avoided in animals aqiqah this defect-a defect which is not allowed in the qurban.

Buraidah said: First, we in the jahiliyah if one of us has a kid, he was slaughtering a goat and smeared on the head with the blood of the goat. Then after Allah brought Islam, we slaughtered a goat, shave (menggundul) the head of the baby and melumurinya with perfume. [HR. Abu Dawud deuce 3, things. 107]

From ‘Aisha, he said, “Once people in the time of jahiliyah if they ber’aqiqah for a baby, they smeared on cotton with the blood of ‘aqiqah, then when shave the hair of the baby they melumurkan on her head”. Then the Prophet peace be upon him said, “sarge watch the perimeter that blood with perfume”.[HR. Ibn Hibban with tartib Ibn Balban deuce 12, thing. 124]

Commencement aqiqah according to the deal the clergy is the seventh day of the birth. It is based on hadits Samirah in which the Prophet peace be upon him said, “A child bound with aqiqahnya. He disembelihkan aqiqah on the seventh day and given a name”. (HR. al-Tirmidzi).

Nevertheless, if missed and can’t be done on the seventh day, he can be performed on days 14. And if no, then on day 21 or whenever he can. Imam Malik said : On dzohirnya that keterikatannya on days 7 (seven) on the basis anjuran, then if slaughtered on the day to 4 (four) to 8 (eight) to 10 (ten) or after Aqiqah it had been enough. Because of the principle teachings of Islam is to make it easier not to complicate as the word of Allah SWT: “Allah wants ease for you and don’t want kesukaran for you”. (QS.Al Baqarah:185)

Commencement aqiqah disunnahkan on the seventh day of the birth, is based on the word of the Prophet peace be upon him, which means: “Every boy that tergadai with animals aqiqahnya, slaughtered him on day seven, and him first be shaved, and given a name.” (HR: Priests’m ahmad and Ashhabus Sunan, and dishahihkan by At Tirmidzi)

And if you can’t enforce that on the seventh day, then it can be carried out on the day to fourteen, and if not, then on the day to twenty-one, is based on hadits Abdullah Ibn Buraidah from his father from the Prophet Shallallaahu alaihi wa Sallam, he said which means: “aqiqah Animals that slaughtered on day seven, fourteen, and twenty-one.” (Hadits hasan of Al Baihaqiy)

But after three weeks still not able to then anytime pelaksanaannya at the time was capable of, because it’s running on days seven, fourteen and twenty-one is its sunnah and most main not obligatory. And you may too do it before day seven.

A baby who died before the seventh day disunnahkan also to disembelihkan aqiqahnya, even though the baby I miscarried with the condition already was four months in the womb of his mother.

Aqiqah is syari’at are pressed to father the baby. But if someone who’s not in sembelihkan animals aqiqah by his parents until he’s big, then he can slaughter aqiqah of himself, Syaikh Shalih Al Fauzan said: And if you don’t diaqiqahi by his father then he mengaqiqahi himself then it doesn’t matter what I think, wallahu ‘Nature.

The Law Aqiqah After Adult/Family

Basically aqiqah disyariatkan to be held on the seventh day of the birth. If you can’t, then the day of the fourteenth. And if you can’t get anyway, then on the second day twenty-one. Besides, commencement aqiqah become a father.

Nevertheless, if it turns out that when little he hasn’t diaqiqahi, he could do aqiqah own when growing up. One when al-Maimuni ask Imam’m ahmad, “there are people who haven’t diaqiqahi is when great he can mengaqiqahi himself?” Priests’m ahmad replied, “I Think, if he hasn’t diaqiqahi when small, then better do it yourself when adult. I don’t consider it makruh”.

The followers of a Priest Syafi’i also think so. According to them, kids who’ve grown up haven’t diaqiqahi by his parents, recommended to him to do the aqiqah own.

The Number Of Animals

The number of animals aqiqah minimum is one tail good for men or for women, as the word of Ibn Abbot ra: “Sesungguh his Prophet peace be upon him mengaqiqahi Hasan and Husain one sheep one sheep.” (Hadits shahih history of Abu Dawud and Ibn Al Jarud)

However more main is the 2 tails for boys and 1 tail for girls based on hadits-hadits the following:

Ummu Kurz Al Ka’biyyah said, which means: “the Prophet peace be upon him ordered to dsembelihkan aqiqah of a boy two sheep and of the daughters of the tail.” (Hadits sanadnya shahih of Priests’m ahmad and Ashhabus Sunan)

From Aisha ra said, which means: “the Prophet peace be upon him ordered them to disembelihkan aqiqah of a boy two sheep are worth and from a girl one tail.” (Shahih passes At Tirmidzi)

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