workshop developer property syariah, show how to succes with syariah

In a workshop developer who ever I follow, one of the participants said “What can be developer #TanpaBank ?” No answer, straight he answered himself “it Looks like it’s impossible..!”.
workshop developer property syariah, show how to succes with syariah
That’s when I don’t respond too much (because it was bersantap afternoon), only I say “In Syaa Allah I’ve build housing #TanpaBank”. But the basics are all present (except me) the bank is minded, obviously don’t believe his.!

The training and workshop developer property syariah

The training developer the property of sharia the first time before that when a promotion through one of the tabloids islamic national, almost all participants don’t believe with property syariah aman it if you can #TanpaBank, #TanpaRiba, especially #TanpaModal.

But at last, after the come, much mempraktikkan system DPSI. There’s actually no reason not to start with, because the system simple and don’t need capital if you want, of course if you have a capital beginning will be far better.

The material that will be on to discuss:

Session I
1. Why Should Of Sharia?
2. Studies Critical Form Of Company Developer Property Conventional
3. Unload The Mistake Permodalan Property Conventional
4. Spread Was Over 4 Ring Akad Problem In Transaction Of The Property Conventional
5. A Solution Of Sharia To The Company Developer Property
6. A Solution Of Sharia To Permodalan Developer Property
7. Discussed was over the whole akad-akad of sharia Developer Property

Session II (Study Case)
1. Study Case Be Developer Property of sharia #TanpaBank #TanpaRiba #TanpaAkadBermasalah and #TanpaModal
2. Setting Up Company Properties Of Sharia
3. Make Akad Cooperation Syar’ie with Business Partner
4. Choose The Property That Suits Condition Of The Developer
5. To Conduct An Analysis Of Business Simply
6. How To Buy Land In Syar’ie #TanpaModal
7. Make Akad Cooperation Syar’ie with the Owner of the Land
8. Make Planning According To The Condition Of Developer #TanpaModal
9. A strategy to Sell the House with the Concept of the Housing of sharia
10. Management Project Developer Properties Of Sharia

At the session first in’il bring you by my teacher ust. H. Dwi Condro Triono, P. hD, which is already poor transversely in the business world of sharia practical. He at once as owner at Eden Property, so good, I don’t understand because you know about the property as well.

Whereas I own will stand up to a session both of them. Participants can ask until I can’t can answer. I’ve set ammo good system nor practical to discuss about a new way to be a developer.

The Event is regularly insyaaAllah held by HAROKI PROPERTINDO,

either in SOLO or in the Big CITIES other especially in the Branch Haroki be,

with a seminar/ peltihan a day or a workshop some day.

The Event nearest, MUNDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2015 in SOLO.

Business property of sharia if dibandignkan with business property conventional, then the business property of sharia, it’s still not too popular. In each scale of business, then business property conventional more have the power and the development has also been underway in long enough time. This makes the business property of sharia still terbilang not as big as business property conventional. Especially in the scale of the business, professionalism of the principals business property, and also the partnership that has been woven with the world of banking. Some of the things that made the business property of sharia is less popular among others is because of the lack of market share. A lot of people who still doubt with the credibility of the definition of sharia on the business property of sharia, including the people of islam. One way taken by the perpetrator of the business property of sharia to better introduce the business to the society is by giving slogan business property with a base pesantren. This way that give availability facility facility menunjang means of education about the religion of islam in this kind of kind of product property has to offer.

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